How to Create Smooth Feng Shui in Your Everette Rocklin Apartment For the New Year

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If you could use a little positive energy in 2022, then the centuries-old Chinese practice of feng shui can help. With feng shui, your apartment furniture can attract good luck and energy into your space. By following a few of Feng Shui's basic rules, you can set yourself up for a lucky 2022 at your home at The Everette.

Decorations That Transition Out of 2021 and Into 2022

Feng shui calls for a balance of the five elements — metal, water, fire, wood, and earth—through a physical or symbolic representation.

  • Contact Rocklin's very own Rocklin's Fine Arts to find artwork by local artists. Find artwork with wood, fire, or water themes to symbolically bring these elements into your home.
  • Treat yourself to a low-maintenance indoor succulent plant delivered to your home. Indoor plants are an easy way to get earth elements into your space.
  • Situate your desk in Feng Shui's "command" position by moving your desk to an area where you can see the entrance. However, avoid placing the desk directly in front of the door lest you block positive energy.

Brightening Up Your Apartment for the New Year

A home's entrance and its windows are the eyes of the house, so keep them bright, cheerful, and open. Make sure they're clean, free from clutter, and in working order. Feng shui also encourages light throughout your home. Lighten dark areas by using floor mirrors to reflect light or use a lamp with a decorative red base to represent fire.

Add Feng Shui to Your January 2022 Decor

Everyone could use some help making their new year's resolutions come to fruition. With feng shui, your apartment furniture does the work for you. Remember to balance the five elements and keep your windows and doors free from clutter, and you're on your way to a terrific 2022!

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