How to Prepare Your Apartment For Guests During Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is nearly here, and for some of us, that means serving a huge family dinner. Now, structuring apartment kitchens to fill a large meal might sound impossible. But with a bit of planning, cooking in an apartment kitchen is easy as pie. So if you need a little help preparing your apartment at The Everette, then this guide is for you.

Prepare a Guest List

First, start planning a guest list for your Thanksgiving dinner. A guest list will determine a few things: how much food to buy, whether you need a separate kids' table, and ultimately how much you'll need to spend. Remember to be conscious of your space and budget restrictions while you prepare the guest list.

Menu Plan and Organization

Make menu planning simple with a paperback Thanksgiving planner. A planner gives you a place to record meal ideas, grocery lists, chore lists, and more. Remember to ask your guests about allergies and dietary restrictions before planning your menu as well.

When it comes to organization, try to prepare as much of your meal as possible the night before. Prepping will help save time and will make your kitchen feel more functional on the big day. Utilize your apartment's included stainless steel appliances to complete the job easier.

Holiday Game Ideas at The Everette

After all that turkey, you may also want to organize a few holiday game ideas for your event. If you need to get out of the apartment, head over to Quarry Park Adventures. The adventure park is only a three-minute drive away and offers all kinds of thrilling activities like rock climbing and zip lines. Are you looking for something more low-key? Then get cozy in your living room for a game of Thanksgiving charades instead. Whichever way you slice it, hosting a successful Thanksgiving dinner in your apartment is easier than you might think.

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