Prepping For Fall 2021 Decor At The Everette Apartments

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When you notice fresh crispness in the air and leaves changing their colors, it indicates that fall has finally emerged. Fall is time to explore delicious desserts, including a galore of pumpkin recipes. During the season, you can also revamp the outlook of your Everette Apartment in Rocklin, CA. This season is a perfect time to create a space that's warm, welcoming, and comfortable.

Our Favorite Fall '21 Trends

There are many trending decor designs in the market that renters can use to spruce up their indoor spaces. However, they may need some insights for suitable designs to blend with their existing interior layout. With the fall 2021 season in mind, some ideas we've identified to revamp your home's interior look include using pumpkins, candles, throw pillows, and hanging wreaths.

How to Adapt These Trends for Your Apartment

Here, we'll discuss how to integrate the ideas above with your apartment's arrangement. You can choose to do it yourself, step by step, or consult with a professional interior designer to help you create a personalized house arrangement plan.

Use Pumpkins

Most renters utilize pumpkins to decorate homes for the fall season. Many homeowners opt to use pumpkins of different sizes to pamper the look of their rooms. For instance, small pumpkins work perfectly as accents, and large pumpkins stand out alone. Although carved pumpkins are a perfect option for Halloween, they are a poor interior decor accessory. An ideal spot to place these custom ornaments would be near the fireplace.


Candles induce a cozy atmosphere, improving your apartment living experience. While the candle pillars add character to the room, the bright flames illuminate it and create a soothing ambiance. Additionally, the candle holders and candle bars prevent wax from flowing onto components such as furniture to retain cleanliness.

Decorative Throw Pillows

Throw pillows create a soft, welcoming touch whenever renters use them as an interior decor accessory. Many choose to accentuate their spaces by placing throw pillows on beds, armchairs, or around the floor for extra seating. Throw pillows infuse style and comfort, all perfect for a relaxed fall season. Consider buying earthy colors and plush textures to give rooms a warm and velvety feel.

Hang a Wreath

Fall wreaths bring the charm of outdoor leaves to the interior spaces of apartments. You can choose to hang them on headboards or the walls of your home for an unparalleled fall-like environment.

The Everette: A Perfect Residence For the 2021 Fall

The Everette allows tenants to incorporate fall decor ideas in their apartments. We have one, two, and three-bedroom apartments that feature additional storage rooms and walk-in closets. Additionally, tenants can explore the many eateries within the apartment's vicinity, including The Eating Spot. They can also socialize at East Cobb Park. The Everette provides a perfect opportunity to make the most out of your fall season.

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