How to Survive the Heatwaves in Your Rocklin Apartment

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As the summer progresses, the heat is rising and steps need to be taken to feel comfortable. Luckily, it is simple to stay cool at The Everette apartments!

Enjoy Our Outdoor Amenities

Getting outside is a wonderful way to combat the summer heat. There are plenty of outdoor amenities at The Everette apartments that will help you keep cool. For the sporty residents, there is a Bocce Ball Court. Alternatively, take a dip in the glistening outdoor pool to truly chill out. If socializing is your forte, visit the BBQ and picnic area to hang out with the neighbors. The Everette apartments are pet-friendly, so taking your furry friend for a walk is also an option. Keep them cool and comfortable in the fun dog park!

Rental-Friendly Ways to Cool Down Your Home

There are ways to beat the hot weather inside the home. Install black-out curtains to keep the hot sunshine outside of the apartment. Another option, if you are technologically minded, is to purchase a high-tech, power flex fan for the room. The blast of cold air is sure to keep you cool and focused. With these kinds of utilities, apartment living in the hot weather is a treat!

Local Attractions That Will Help You Keep Cool

The Everette apartments are in a prime location, meaning plenty of local attractions are available to visit in the summer heat. Visit the Rocklin Shopping Mall for a sheltered walk and a day of shopping the top trends. Alternatively, spend the day underneath the shade of the trees at Whitney Park. The park is also perfect for younger residents, as there is a beautiful playground to visit and enjoy in the summer sunshine.

The heatwave has the potential to make things uncomfortable. However, at The Everette apartments, all it takes is some simple steps to keep things cool and pleasant.

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