Ways To Improve Your Sleep at The Everette Apartments

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Whether you're in Rocklin, CA. for a few days or are planning on settling down here, you'll always want a reliable good night's sleep. Life in The Everette is relaxing, and there is plenty to do, whether it's visiting Johnson-Springview Park or taking up archery. Here are a few tips on getting that rest so you can get the most out of your days.

Get a Good Night's Sleep Here

At The Everette, you get vinyl plank flooring, central heating, air conditioning, and a private balcony or patio, perfect for enjoying a nightcap.

It's great to have a piece of mind after a busy day that you have access to a large swimming pool, a bocce ball court, and a dog park for your pet. And, your vehicle will be secured in a reserved, covered parking space.

Tips Before Going to Bed

Ease off the use of electronics — TV, computer, phone, at least two hours before going to bed. Make sure you've turned off all lights. They can disturb slumber.

Refrain from taking naps during the day. They interfere with sleep. Don't eat anything at dinnertime that keeps you up at night. Stop drinking alcohol or coffee at least three hours before you turn in. Set a firm bedtime schedule. Stick to it on weekends. Keep your bedroom cool. For most people, 68 degrees is the ideal temperature.

Products for a Restful Night

Choose a pillow that allows your neck and head to stay in a natural position. Check out your mattress. Has it seen better days and nights? Test-drive a variety of beds at your favorite furniture store. Find out which one makes you feel genuinely relaxed.

Half an hour before going to bed, take some melatonin. It will help your body complete the winding down process. You'll hit the pillow ready for sleep.

If you follow these tips while living at The Everette Apartments, you'll be far more likely to enjoy years of happy, active days and restful nights.

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