Get Ready For Summertime at The Everette

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As Spring has begun to wind down, the sun has come out to play a little longer. With that the temperatures will begin to rise and only one thing will be on our minds: S U M M E R. The season is on the horizon and with hot temps paralleled with society returning to a sort of new normal, you’re going to feel the urge to get out of the house. Today we’ll share some tips on how to prepare for Summer at The Everette and abroad. 

Making The Most Out Of The Season: Amenities

Making the most out of your home’s amenities is the most cost-efficient way to prepare for the upcoming summer season. Sometimes we get so used to our humble abodes we fail to realize the great things around us that have the potential to lead us to some fun moments. Here at The Everette, you can prepare for scorching temperatures by keeping your apartment cool before the heat gets here. Utilize our central air of course but to save on your energy bill, open up the windows and flip the switch on your ceiling fans to get fresh air flowing around the apartment. This will allow for the fresh air to spread around your home naturally, keeping temps a bit cooler.

Ways To Stay Cool Inside Your Apartment

 There are many ways to keep cool inside your apartment. Whether creative or conventional, useful methods are going to be what you need to focus on. The heat can be hard to handle for some so it’s best to keep things cool in order to keep calm. Removing heavy blankets/bedding is a great way to stay cool inside. Dense material holds heat and adding on your own body temperature just makes it more hot inside. Moving around less is another way to keep cool because you will be generating less body heat. 

Summer Activities 

There are many things to do during summer as it is known as the season for play. Stay in the know with all things Rocklin this summer by clicking here


So there you have it. Summer’s approaching fast! Get prepared so you’re not scorched by procrastination! 

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